Our Commitment

Personalized Service

With the ability to provide the resources of a larger firm with the personal, one-on-one service of a small boutique, we hand-craft customized investment plans designed with the intent to help you realize your financial objectives and avoid obstacles to your success. We believe this truly custom approach to wealth management is the best way to meet the unique needs of each of our clients.


Independent Oversight, Full Transparency

Our clients’ interests come first. Assets are held in your name on the Fidelity Investments’ Fidelity Wealthscape ™ Advisor Platform, utilizing Fidelity’s comprehensive custody platform.  Securities in accounts are protected in accordance with the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (“SIPC”) up to $500,000, and “excess of SIPC” coverage is provided by Lloyds of London, together with other insurers.  You will have full transparency into your personal accounts through Fidelity’s website. You will receive monthly account statements, quarterly reports and continued communication from our team.


Invested in Your Success

As a fee-based investment adviser, our firm’s revenue increases as our clients’ portfolios grow. We believe this business model aligns the success of our clients with the success of the firm.


Experienced Team

We are highly experienced in working with clients to design and manage customized investment portfolios and wealth plans.  We possess recognized industry credentials and training, and are well-suited to guide you in various aspects of wealth and asset management.


Direct Partnerships

We partner with each client to develop and implement a personalized investment plan designed to encompass your full financial objectives. We will be in regular contact with you to evaluate your investment progress, and to suggest modifications or enhancements to your portfolio structure as warranted.


Consistent Communication

As part of our ongoing dialogue with clients, we continually keep abreast of market news, and strive to keep our clients up to date with market events that may impact their investments. 


Unbiased Best in Class Research

We have access to many forms of research and information that could affect your investments.


Proactive, Opportunistic Management

We work hard to seek out the best opportunities the global marketplace offers.  Further, we then filter down these opportunities to select the specific securities deemed most suitable to your investment objectives.