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We provide comprehensive wealth management solutions for high net worth individuals and families, including customized investment solutions, wealth planning and family office services.

Investment Management & Consulting

Banyan Private Wealth offers a broad selection of actively-managed investment portfolios. We specialize in specific market segments, designing and managing proprietary investment strategies as well as portfolios personally customized to each client's individual objectives.

  • Equity Strategies
  • Fixed Income Strategies
  • Asset Allocation Strategies
  • Tactical Strategies
  • Option Strategies























Equity Strategies

We offer a number of equity strategies suitable for various investment objectives across investment styles and market capitalizations. These strategies can be customized to accommodate sizeable concentrated positions, restricted securities or other unique situations.


Core equity strategies

  • Designed to act as a foundational strategy for most equity portfolios.
  • Selections across a range of risk tolerance levels from conservative to aggressive, and across a range of styles, including income, growth, and value.
  • Professionally managed, therefore, you don't have to pick and choose among style boxes or sectors or know when to make changes. 

Growth-oriented equity strategies

  • Emphasis on stocks that demonstrate long- term growth potential based on fundamental factors.
  • Equities evaluated on criteria such as valuation, profitability, earnings growth, and balance sheet strength.
  • Focus on stocks that have a high probability of expanding price-to-earnings multiple or stocks where we have identified a catalyst to unlock upside potential.

Income-oriented equity strategies

  • Emphasis on dividend-paying stocks to provide consistent cash flow/income source.
  • Equities evaluated through a fixed-income lens – analyzing the investment as if it were a perpetual bond with the potential to deliver a flexible and growing coupon.
  • Focus on selection of high quality stocks, utilizing a proprietary risk analysis/quality rating designed to weed out stocks with a probability of corporate default.

Value-oriented equity strategies

  • Emphasis on stocks that are undervalued on a relative basis.
  • Equities evaluated on criteria such as valuation, consistent dividend history, and steady or improving fundamentals.
  • Focus on stocks that have a high probability of expanding price-to-earnings multiple or stocks where we have identified a catalyst to unlock upside potential.

Fixed Income Strategies

Fixed income strategies can be customized to meet the unique parameters of our clients specific to tax status and state of residence, target duration, credit quality, and cash flow needs.

High Quality

We offer actively-managed US high quality fixed income portfolios for taxable and tax-exempt investors designed to deliver preservation of capital, a reliable income stream, and competitive total returns.

  •  Focus on disciplined, expert yield curve management and individual security selection.
  • Ability to capitalize on market inefficiencies to maximize the total return potential, rather than taking on elevated levels of credit or interest rate risk.
  • Ability to overweight and underweight strategic sectors within a portfolio.
  • Targets short and intermediate maturity bonds for their more attractive risk/reward characteristics.
  • Disciplined risk management includes strict policy limits, thorough and ongoing credit and portfolio analysis.
  • For qualified clients, we also manage an enhanced cash management strategy.

Enhanced Cash Management

Our enhanced cash management capabilities are designed to make our clients' cash balances work harder. Offering flexibility, liquidity, and the potential for enhanced returns, our services can be customized for your needs.

  • Designed to provide principal preservation, liquidity, and income generation.
  • Tailored to meet the precise requirements of each client's cash-flow needs, time horizon, and specific objectives.
  • Emphasis on high-quality, short-term individual fixed income securities.
  • Targets superior risk-adjusted returns over those of a comparable investment vehicle.
  • Appropriate for situations such as: the sale of a business, real estate transactions, gift or inheritance; estate settlement and distribution; significant tax payments; foundation, endowment, or corporate cash management; and “permanent” cash allocations.

Asset Allocation Strategies

Determining the appropriate mix of equities, bonds, alternatives, and cash has proven to be a meaningful driver of client returns. Since asset classes respond differently to various environments, the combination of several in a portfolio may help to mitigate poor performance of any single asset class over certain time periods.

Offers broad diversification aligned with your objectives.

  • Our asset allocation portfolios utilize individual securities, ETFs, and mutual funds in equity, fixed income, and alternative asset classes customized according to each client's risk/return expectations.
  • Long-term allocation ranges set according to overall risk/return expectations.
  • Short-term adjustments made to take advantage of shorter-term growth opportunities or to mitigate shorter-term risk.
  • Goal is to provide lower standard deviation/ drawdown relative to the benchmark over a full market cycle (3-5 years).
  • Provides access to externally managed funds and separate account strategies that may not be open to retail investors.
  • Offers the option of using our internally managed strategies and/or our open architecture platform of external managers
  • Ability to customize the strategies for taxable and tax-exempt investors.


















Designed to complement a traditional, diversified stock and bond allocation, our tactical strategies provide a way to actively adjust your exposure, reducing risk in times of severe market stress.

Designed for your peace of mind.
We offer a suite of actively-managed tactical strategies ideal for investors who are seeking primarily to protect principal in volatile markets with a secondary objective of growing wealth in rising markets.

  • Designed to produce differentiated returns relative to a pure equity or fixed income portfolio that seek to smooth the investment return stream and to protect capital in volatile markets.
  • Ability to dynamically adjust your total portfolio asset allocation mix in response to changing market conditions.
  • Targets lower volatility and less drawdown relative to benchmark.
  • Designed to allow you to maintain a high level of exposure during sustained bull markets for maximum growth potential with the flexibility to increase your defensive exposure to mitigate risk in times of elevated market stress.
  • Typically quant-driven, these strategies attempt to remove human judgment/bias/emotion from the equation.
  • Aims to protect capital in down markets while allowing participation in up markets.
















Option Strategies

Our option management services are designed to achieve varied objectives including reduction of risk and enhanced income potential.

Equity Option Overlay Strategy

  • Designed to provide capital appreciation and enhanced relative income via the use of covered call writing strategies.
  • Features a focused equity portfolio of approximately 25 stocks hand-picked to work with a covered call option overlay.
  • Actively managed to optimize time decay premium in option prices.
  • Covered call writing can help lower the overall volatility of the portfolio.
  • Ideal for use in tax-exempt accounts such as IRAs, because the turnover can be high as positions may be called away.

Diversification Strategy

  • Designed to earn additional income by writing covered calls on a concentrated stock position.
  • Ability to be “called away” from the stock, or sell the position, while retaining the option premium.
  • Goal is to diversify the concentrated stock position into a more diversified strategy to reduce risk.
  • Ideal for investors who have accumulated a large position through employee stock option programs that need to diversify their holdings.    

Downside Mitigation Strategy

  • Designed to add moderate downside risk mitigation for your equity portfolio.
  • Strategically write call and put spreads on S&P 500 Index ETFs with approximately 2-3% of equity portfolio.
  • Allocating a small percentage of a portfolio to risk reduction strategies can help lower overall volatility and smooth out returns over time.
  • Available for use with all internally-managed custom equity strategies.
  • Appropriate only for taxable accounts, this strategy is not available in iRAs.

Custom Option Strategies

  • We can design option strategies customized to meet your objectives.
  • Custom option strategies may include an enhanced income strategy for low cost basis concentrated positions or sophisticated option work for a specified objective.
  • Due to the bespoke nature of managing these portfolios; however, only select clients will qualify for this service.


Investment Consulting

Banyan Private Wealth provides investment consulting services tailored to each client's individual needs. We can help clients build an investment portfolio using only third-party managers or we can craft a portfolio using a combination of externally managed strategies complemented by our own internal proprietary strategies.

Wealth Management

For individuals and families with complex financial requirements, we partner with you to provide guidance and to act as your advocate in all aspects of securing your financial future. Our wealth advisory services include financial and retirement planning, legacy and charitable giving, and business owner succession. 

Investment Advice

We conduct an assessment of your goals and objectives, including in-depth risk tolerance analysis, ensuring that your goals are aligned with your investment plan. An integral part of our investment consulting services is advice on asset location, portfolio construction and rebalancing, and comprehensive client reporting. We can also advise you on private investments and college funding vehicles. For select clients, we will also develop a formal investment policy statement.

Financial Decision Making

We assist you with important financial decisions such as home purchase and mortgage selection, prenuptial agreements and marital dissolution, debt restructuring, advice on corporate benefits programs, new business or other substantial asset acquisitions, negotiated investments, and charitable giving guidance.

advice on tax-efficent investments

We provide advice and guidance on tax-efficient investment strategies, transaction analysis, review of tax returns, and analysis of how tax law changes can affect your investments. We will work closely with your personal advisors or may recommend outside professionals when necessary to provide specific guidance in developing sophisticated tax planning strategies. 

Trust & Estate Planning

We review your wills and trusts, including revocable trusts, life insurance trusts, and irrevocable trusts, along with your gifting strategies for efficient transfer of wealth to heirs or charitable causes. We can also work closely with your personal advisors or work with you to identify outside professionals, when necessary, to provide specific guidance in developing trust planning strategies.

Insurance Consultation

We provide a review of your insurance policies, including life, general liability, and long term care insurance.

Business Owner Solutions

For succession planning, we provide oversight and structuring advice to execute the transfer of a privately held business in order to maximize value whether you are selling outright, retaining a portion, or transferring to family members or key employees. We also provide advice on cash flow strategies and employee stock option planning.

Retirement Planning

We work with you to develop and achieve a savings target, provide guidance on pension elections, retirement plan asset allocations, IRA withdrawal strategies, and advise you on cash flow and liability management as well as debt restructuring.