Our Clients

High net worth individuals, families, executives, professionals, business owners, endowments and foundations look to Banyan Private Wealth for advice and solutions in managing their wealth.  Here are some examples of how we can provide tailored solutions by client type:

Corporate Executive

Over the course of his career, a senior executive had accumulated a concentrated stock position as part of his compensation.  By implementing derivative strategies and divesting the stock gradually, portfolio risk can be reduced.



A successful professional in his 50s has $8 million in assets spread across 20 accounts with over five different institutions.  By consolidating assets, we can identify portfolio risks, reduce expenses, and manage towards a single investment objective.


Business Owner

After successfully building her company, the owner needed a personalized investment strategy that included her business.  By clarifying the owner’s goals, incorporating risk associated with the business, and evaluating exit strategies, a path to a secure retirement can be achieved.


Multi-Generational Family

A family with four generations of trust beneficiaries, each with differing financial needs and conflicts of interest over investment goals.  Through various strategies we can reach a balance of income vs. growth for individual members.




A recently divorced woman may need help to ensure her assets would last the rest of her life.  By developing and executing a wealth forecasting plan, she was able to have confidence she could retire in the lifestyle she was accustomed.


Family Foundation

A Family Foundation’s Board Members needed help redefining the Foundation’s mission and aligning its investments with the family’s goals.



The Investment Committee of a local non-profit organization sought guidance in managing their investment portfolio.